About Us

At EnvirosapHe (sounds like envirosafe) we believe that knowledge of health and safety should be available to everyone. Healthy and safe workplaces are more often successful and productive.

Those involved at work are part of the solution to any workplace health and safety problems. Framing the question correctly in relation to health, safety and the environment is important in planning to quantify risk or in developing a way of managing that risk.

Michael Beale, our principal consultant, is involved with every client.  He brings a breadth of experience and a depth of technical knowledge to your specific circumstances. He will work with you in clarifying the relevant questions.

Michael Beale is a qualified occupational hygienist and has worked for more than 30 years in that discipline. At Monash University, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical). He studied at Deakin University to gain and a Post-Graduate Diploma of Occupational Hygiene. His occupational hygiene thesis was on cutting/machining oil mist exposure of ammunition factory workers in Footscray.

EnvirosapHe has the skills and expertise to provide high quality health, safety and environment solutions, be that monitoring or developing risk management solutions.   With EnvirosapHe you will be getting the attention of an experienced occupational hygienist, not a trainee or newly qualified hygienist.