Asbestos Identification for Prospective Home-Owners Training Course

If you own, or are looking at purchasing a property where the buildings were constructed before 1987, it is recommended that an asbestos inspection be performed by an experienced, professional asbestos inspector.

It is possible for you to be trained to identify likely asbestos containing materials.  If you identify materials likely to contain asbestos on a premises you are interested in purchasing you could then request a professional inspection report on the property from the vendor or vendor’s agent.   That way you may be able to avoid unanticipated costs, as management of asbestos risk may be expensive, depending upon your plans for the site, the building, and the need to protect your family, trades people and the Community.

Asbestos identification training may be organised  through your local council if there is sufficient public interest.

Contact your local council to request they provide you with some training, or facilitate training.  Tell them that this is a service you and other home-owners would benefit from.   Tell them about EnvirosapHe and they may be prepared to facilitate this service.

If you are part of a group of people (minimum number of 10 participants) with a common interest in being trained to identify potentially asbestos containing materials in the home you can contact EnvirosapHe to arrange a training program to be delivered in your community.  The cost of the course would be $50.00 per participant for a 2 hour course.

EnvirosapHe for a fee can also arrange for analysis by certified laboratories of samples of materials to determine whether they do contain asbestos.   EnvirosapHe also does provide asbestos inspection and auditing services.






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