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Offsite Dust Emissions – How to Model Dust Settling Rates

Case Study Dust exposure of neighbouring residents to grain handling facility. Victorian residents located within close proximity to a grain handling facility were exposed to dust associated with the operation of the facility including from the many trucks delivering to

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Asbestos Inspections

In 2012 an Australian Government commissioned Asbestos Management Review Report dated June 2012 recommended a program be undertaken to remove all asbestos from building, whether commercial, industrial or government by 2030.    Inspection of all buildings and structures constructed before

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Cooling Tower Risk Management Plan Reviews

If you, your business, or your employer have a cooling tower, in Victoria this cooling tower must be registered unless it is decommissioned and rendered in such a state that it cannot be switched on. Any registered cooling tower needs

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Cooling Tower Risk Management Plan Audits in Victoria

Since 2002 in Victoria it has been a legal requirement that for any premises where a cooling tower is located and operating, or capable of being switched on, that the cooling tower be registered.  It is also a requirement that an

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Indoor Air Quality Testing in Air-conditioned Environments

Increasingly people work in artificial environments, not natural environments.  They are very dependent upon ventilation,  air delivery systems, to deliver fresh filtered and conditioned air.   In offices and commercial properties often people complain about discomfort which they attribute to

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Home buyers should ask for Asbestos Report

While there is much housing stock constructed since 1987 which should have been constructed of building materials not containing asbestos, there are many homes and offices which were constructed between the 1920′s and 1987 for which asbestos containing materials were

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Faulty Fuses for Cars – Fire Safety ?? Warning “Legion Tools” Brand Auto Fuses

Inexpensive auto fuses “car electrical fuses” can end up being very expensive.   Some fuses currently being sold look like fuses but are not fuses.   They fail the fuse test and so fail to prevent damage to electrical wiring in

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Asbestos Advice for Homeowners: Asbestos in the Home.

Advice for homeowners: Asbestos in the Home Asbestos fibres were used widely in building materials before the mid-1980s. If your house was built or renovated before the mid-1980s, it is likely to contain asbestos cement building materials. You may be

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Fumes, Aerosols, Dusts, Gases, Health Risks and Exposure Monitoring

Chemicals (substances) in the workplace pose a risk to health arising from skin contact and inhalation.   Fumes, dusts and gases can result from the storage, use of and handling of chemicals.  Damage to skin, irritation and damage to eyes

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Father, Sons and Worker Knocked Out by Tank Fumes “Herald Sun” November 28 2013

“A father and son are fighting for life after becoming trapped in a farm tank in Victoria’s east.” “Simon Coster, 48, entered the tank to clean it with ammonia and was overwhelmed by toxic fumes.   His son Tim then entered

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