Worksafe Small Business Assistance Program

Since 2001 Worksafe Victoria has been offering up to 3 hours of OH&S consultant’s time to small and medium sized businesses to assist them to improve the management of workplace health and safety risks.    EnvirosapHe has been involved in this program for 12 years and has undertaken a range of specific risk assessments as well as providing advice on risk management.   The risk assessments undertaken have included asbestos audits, workplace noise monitoring, fumes and vapour monitoring, oil mist monitoring, welding fume monitoring.    The effectiveness of local extractive ventilation with solvent fumes and dusts was also an issue addressed in these services provided.

Increasingly small businesses cases focus on establishing a basic OH&S management system, documenting decision making processes and responsibilities and establishing checklists to be completed and registers to be maintained covering risks, management plans, certification and training of employees, management and contractors.

Worksafe Victoria has undertaken a tender process for ongoing consultancy services. EnvirosapHe did apply to continue to offer this service however Worksafe Victoria have not included us in their panel of experts going forward.   It was good to have been involved in the earlier work on the Program and we wish Worksafe Victoria well in providing assistance to small and medium sized businesses.

Note:  Envirosaphe is said as envirosafe.

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